Administrative assistants

  1. Handle your manager’s emails and calendar

    Whether you're someone's assistant or you're just stepping in for your manager for a week, you can compose and respond to Gmail messages or schedule and coordinate Calendarevents on someone else's behalf.

  2. Organize team events, travel plans, and more

    Need to organize travel or event plans for your colleagues? Create and send a Forms survey to gather information on flights and hotels, or to get an event date that suits everyone. Then, create a Groups mailing list to share important updates with people who are traveling to or attending an event together.

  3. Auto-organize your inbox with filters

    Create filters to automatically delete, star, or forward your mail, and to apply labels to relevant incoming messages. For example, your manager’s inbox might be full of irrelevant messages such as event acceptances and declines. Set up a filter to have Gmail automatically archive them so your boss has a clean inbox and can focus on the most important messages.

  4. Easily undo sent messages

    Make a typo in your email? Forget to add a recipient? Change your mind about sending a message? Take back a message you just sent up to 30 seconds later by enabling Gmail’sUndo Send feature.

  5. Keep track of multiple time zones

    If you work with people all over the globe, you need to know when they’re available in their time zone. You also need to make sure your bosses and co-workers don’t miss important meetings or events because of time differences when traveling. Quickly see the time in other countries by adding world clocks to your Calendar.

  6. Save time using prewritten replies

    Do you frequently type the same message over and over? Want to find an easy way to replicate important information like directions to the office or how to install and access a video meeting, and more? Use Gmail’s canned responses to save a reply––now, when you send emails to new clients on your manager’s behalf, you can use the same canned response so you don’t have to type the same information every time.

  7. Easily manage multiple signatures

    Need to use different signatures for emails within your company or externally? With Gmail, you can use canned responses to create different signatures to easily manage multiple signatures. The next time you compose an email, just choose the canned response with the signature you’d like to use.

  8. Keep track of important tasks on your to-do list

    Stay organized and prioritize your assignments with tasks in Gmail or Calendar. You can easily convert emails into tasks and create due dates that automatically appear on your calendar.

  9. Stay in touch using Hangouts

    Is your boss out of the office and you urgently need to get in touch? Use Hangouts to instantly chat and schedule impromptu video meetings from any device, anywhere.

  10. Run common Gmail searches with one click

    Do you run the same search on a regular basis to locate specific Gmail messages, such as all emails regarding an upcoming event or all emails from your boss? With Gmail’s Quick Links lab, you can save your search and quickly run it again with just a click of your mouse.
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