Update site layouts

Give your pages structure by changing the layout. At the top right of your site’s homepage, click  and select Edit site layout.

Note: If you’re in Edit mode, you won’t see .

  • To add headers, footers, sidebars or horizontal navigation, click an option in the toolbar. Click it again to remove the object.
  • To change individual objects on your site, hover over parts of your site. Editable areas are highlighted in blue. To make a change to a highlighted object, click it.

    • Header—Change your header's height and alignment, and add a logo.
    • Horizontal navigation—Change your navigation bar's style and select which pages of your site you want to display there.
    • Sidebar—Choose your sidebar’s name, how it will be organized, and to what it links.
    • Custom footer—Add and format footer text.

    Once you’ve finished changing an object, click . When you’re finished making changes, click .

  • To change the site width, click Custom and change the width. Press Enter to apply and save the change.

Update site layouts
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