Find a topic

To view a group's Topics page, open the group's page in the Groups directory.

If your group has too many topics to browse easily, you can quickly organize and find topics using search, filters, and tags.

Search for a topic

To search for a specific topic:

  1. At the top of the Groups window, type your topic in the search box.

  2. To help you search faster, Groups suggests search terms as you type. Click one of the suggestions to open it, or click  to see a list of results.

Filter topics

  1. From the Topics page, click  to see your options.

    Note: If you don’t see  it means you don’t have the filter permissions for this particular group.

  2. Check any filters you want to apply to the topic list.
  3. Click Apply selected filters to display a list of topics that match your filters.
  4. (Optional) To return to the complete list of topics again, click >Clear all filters (display all topics).

Use tags

Some groups use tags to categorize and find topics. If your group uses tags, you’ll see Tags on the group’s Topics page. You can also enter tags when you post a new topic or edit one of your existing topics.

Find a topic
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