Media and Entertainment

  1. Securely create, share, and manage digital assets

    Want an easy way to securely store and access your digital assets? Save work files and folders in Drive and share them instantly with external ad agencies and vendors. When someone incorporates feedback and approvals, Drive shows you what files have changed. Even better, you and your clients can securely access the latest files remotely on any device.

  2. Record and broadcast live marketing events

    Looking for an innovative way to capture product promotions? Use Calendar to assist with scheduling. Then, showcase your product with Hangouts on Air, and share the recording and other materials with Drive, on a Sites website, and in Google+ communities.

  3. Create and manage branded production websites

    Need to deliver timely information to clients and partners? Target specific clients with branded files, documents, and schedules that are securely stored and shared in Drive. Then, embed that information in a Sites website and share it with your clients.

  4. Manage media operation and administration processes

    Streamline your media business processes by transferring your production operations and administration tasks online. Create simple and appealing electronic Forms to manage launches, marketing events, time-off requests, acknowledgements of company policies, and more. Then, access and update these forms easily from any device.

  5. Manage and collaborate on media production tasks and schedules

    Tracking tasks and schedules across multiple locations and hundreds of employees is time-consuming. Use Sheets and Calendar to create a dynamic schedule—plan and distribute tasks, track their completion, manage exceptions, and more. Need feedback on a task or schedule? Employees can instantly add comments and update their schedule in Sheets.

  6. Improve supplier collaboration and bring products to market faster

    Need better tools to develop and launch your products? Use Drive to collaborate and securely share product designs, quality guidelines, key performance indicators (KPIs), and mock-ups. Manage activities with a shared task list in Sheets, or a shared team Calendar. Crowd-source feedback on product designs and materials from employees and suppliers inGoogle+. Hold live video meetings with your suppliers in Hangouts to improve communications and reduce cycle time.

  7. Easily recruit, interview, and onboard media candidates

    Want to shorten and simplify your recruiting and onboarding process? Get interested candidates to submit their applications with Forms, then use Hangouts to conduct virtual interviews from anywhere in the world. Create a Sites website with new employee checklists and onboarding tasks to get employees up to speed quickly.

  8. Train your employees anytime, anywhere, from any device

    Need to train media professionals across many locations, shifts, and products? Create a self-service training portal and store all your videos, campaigns, promotions, policies, and safety procedures in Drive. Then, embed these stored files in a Sites training website. Save time and travel costs by conducting a virtual training class across the globe with Hangouts. You can even record the training to make it available on-demand later.

  9. Empower employees and vendors

    Want to encourage collaboration between media professionals and external vendors? UseGoogle+ social communities in your organization to share ideas, increase sales and productivity, promote best practices, and provide feedback on campaigns and promotions.

  10. Consolidate important corporate or customer data

    Keep all internal news, executive blog posts, project schedules, status reports, product documents, online forms, training content, and more in a Sites website and in Drive. Now your organization has a single store of important information, that any employee (or just a select group) can access anytime, from any device.
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