Share content with multiple people using one address

To share content with multiple people using a single address

Special note for Google Apps accounts

To find or create web forums within your organization that are not public, go to Groups and click My Groups > Switch organization view to before doing the following tasks.

  1. In Groups, click and enter your information, such as the group’s email address.

    • If you’re creating a group within your organization, your group’s address will end

    • If you’re creating a public group, your group’s address will end with

  2. At the top of the page, click .

  3. Add people to your new group. For more information on adding people to groups, see Get started with Groups.
  4. Select content that you want to share, such as Calendars, Sites, Docs, and files stored in Drive.

  5. Find the sharing feature for your content:

    • Calendar: In the sidebar, click Calendar dropdown arrow next to the calendar you want to share and selectShare this Calendar.
    • Sites: Click > Sharing and Permissions.
    • Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Click  in the upper corner.
    • Forms: Click File > Add collaborators.
    • Drive: Click .
  6. Enter your Groups address (such as where prompted and confirm your sharing permissions.

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