Create your group and set basic permissions

Note for Google Apps accounts: To find or create web forums within your organization that are not public, go to Groups and click My Groups > Switch organization view to "" before doing the following tasks.

After you know the type of group you want to create, you’re ready to create it.

  1. From the Groups home window, click 

  2. Fill out the information on the page, such as your group name, the group’s email address, and your group type.

  3. Under Basic permissions, specify who can view topics, post messages, and join the group by assigning roles:

    • Member—Can post to the group.

    • Manager—Can post to the group. Can approve, add, or remove members.

    • Owner—Can create the group and add members. By default, the group’s creator is an owner, but you can add other owners, too.


Create your group and set basic permissions
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