Respond to a topic

Depending on the type of group and your personal settings and permissions, you can read and respond to posts, either on the forum or using email. If your group is set up as a Collaborative Inbox or Q&A forum, for example, you’ll probably read and respond to posts using the group’s online forum.

  1. Find your group and show the group’s Topics page.

    Topics with unread posts appear in bold text against a white background.

  2. Click the topic you want to read. The first post in the topic appears on top, followed by any responses.

  3. Click  below any post in the topic, or click in the Reply field of the original post.

    The post that you reply to determines how much of the previous conversation is quoted in your reply.

  4. Type your reply in the space that appears.

  5. Click  to send your message to the group.

Respond to a topic
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