Adding Instagram to your Hootsuite Dashboard

How to connect your Instagram account to Hootsuite

Downloading the Instagram App

In your dashboard go to the App Directory. You can quickly locate the Instagram app by typing it into the search field. Install the app and add the stream to a new tab, or if you prefer, an existing tab on your dashboard.

Now connect your Instagram account by authorizing the app. And Voila! Your photo stream is now in your dashboard. You can now comment on and like photos in your stream.  An even more interesting functionality is the ability to create specific search streams around keywords and hashtags.

Here’s How

  1. Simply click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of any Instagram stream.


  2. Type a keyword into the search field on this stream (you don’t need to use a hashtag).
  3. Hit “search” and see the results roll in. This stream will now give you the latest images that have been tagged with that search term – a great way to monitor all sorts of keywords and hashtags that relate to your interests or your business. You can create as many streams as you like to stay in the know about what’s trending on Instagram.
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