Hootsuite Mobile for Business Guide

How to stay connected on the go with the Hootsuite mobile app

Mobile Best Practices for managing social media

Get practical tips and how-tos on social media and the Hootsuite mobile app. Learn how to continue your social media presence even when you are away from the office. Social media conversations happen around the clock and sometimes things that need immediate attention come up. The questions is, are you set up to effectively monitor and engage with your audience even when you are away from your computer?

The Mobile for Business guide walks you through some best practices to help get you up and running with your Hootsuite mobile app, including:

  • Setting up keyword search streams - Find relevant information and conversations
  • Effectively tracking user engagement – Gather analytics from social media campaigns and ongoing activity
  • Scheduling pre-planned content - Save time by scheduling ahead of time or let Hootsuite determine the optimal time to reach your audience with Autoschedule.

Get started with the Hootsuite mobile app and learn how to successfully manage and engage on social media with simple how-to’s and best practices. To learn more about how to effectively manage social media while on the go, download the guide now. 

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