Gmail: "Sort" messages using keyword search

Ok, you're probably used to sorting messages in your Inbox by name, subject, date and so on, and wondering how to do the same in Gmail. Fortunately, it's really easy! Instead of sorting messages, however, you search for them. Searching is easy, and it's much more powerful than sorting - once you learn a few tricks! In this tip, we'll look at using keyword searches to help you quickly find messages from a specific person or with a specific subject.

Perform a basic keyword search
Let's warm up with a basic search. Say you want to find messages from a specific person, like Ben. You could search for the word Ben and find messages from him. But you'd probably find a lot of other messages, too. Specifically, you'd find :

  1. Messages from anyone named Ben
  2. Messages you've sent to Ben
  3. Messages containing the word "ben."
  4. And a notice of messages in your Trash that are to, from or contain the word "ben." (Note: Deleted messages remain in the trash for 30 days before being deleted permanently.)
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