Reset your administrator password

  1. Go to
  2. If you don't know your username, click Need help? then follow the instructions for accessing your account either at your recovery email address or phone number.
    What if phone and email options aren't available?

    Phone and email options aren't available if:

    • You haven't added recovery information to your administrator account. If you were granted administrator privileges by another administrator, you probably need to tell us your phone and email contact information. See Add recovery options to your administrator account.
    • Your Google Cloud account has more than 3 super administrators or 500 users.

    When phone and email options aren't available:

  3. If you don’t know your password, enter either your username or the email address you use to sign in to Google, and then click Next. Click Forgot password? below the Sign-in button, and follow the instructions that appear.
  4. If you're having other problems signing in, enter the email address you use to sign in to Google. This can be your Gmail address, your G Suite email address, or another email address associated with your account. Then follow the instructions that appear onscreen.
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